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How to stay productive working at home with so many distractions around you is 1 month 1:1 coaching program is to help you becoming more productive working from home.


Do these following happen to you

  • Working from home is harder than I thought.
  • I can't focus working at home.
  • I'm so frustrated that I work so hard and my business doesn't make enough money.
  • I need to make money now. 
  • I hate networking.
  • I'm too scared to call people.


Know what you need to do when you feel unproductive.


Reach your goals by staying productive working from home.


In this productivity coaching program, you will be able to: 

1. Create your goals.

2. Get clarity of the real problems that block your productivity.

3. Create plans towards your goals.

4. Structure your priorities based on your goals.

5. Schedule your tasks.

6. Overcome procrastination.

7. Overcome overwhelm.

8. Create new habits you need to reach your goals.

9. Stay focus on the things you work on.

10. Get things done.

11. Provide time and energy to do more things you love.


  • It's 1:1 program with weekly video call from me (1 hour x 4 weeks). 
  • Step by step guidance to break the things that hold you back from being productive.
  • You will also get the worksheets.


1. 10 tips of Productivity Hacks

2. 30 Days Productivity List

Investment you need: USD 498.

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