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Financial Fundamentals are important to build your financial dream. Watch closely how Andrew S Oakes explains it in an easy way that everyone can relate.

Andrew S Oakes is a financial and comfort coach. He describes that is not only about building your finance but also maintaining your mindset about money to reach your financial dreams. 







Lynda Sunshine West is an Executive Producer of WISHMAN movie. She has been interviewing many famous people such as Jay Shetty, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, and other fabulous world class people.

On Live with Sonya, this amazing Lady shares about her success, past live in abusive family and relationship, how she took decisions to step up, and how she becomes very successful and famous.

She has messages especially for the women who experience the same condition. Don't miss this precious interview.


Live streaming becomes an essential need for many entrepreneurs and business owners as social media algorithms prioritize video content.

Ross Brand, an expert in livestraming, broadcasting and social media, shares how you can be visible using live video on social platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube.







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